Duncan Faulkner
Duncan Faulkner

Hi, Duncan here. I've been developing software applications for twenty-plus years. In that time I've worked with a range of various programming languages like Visual Basic, Visual Basic.Net, C#, Javascript, ASP.Net MVC, Web forms, and Databases like Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server.

About 10 years ago I started with the first version of Angular (now referred to as AngularJS) and was hooked, coming from ASP and JQuery this was a real game changer and made frontend development really slick. From this point, I made a decision to concentrate on just front-end development and started to move away from the full-stack developer role I was in.

When Angular 2.0 was in beta, I jumped on board as I was late to the Angular 1.0 party and I wasn't going to miss this one. And what a journey it's been, with every new release Angular just keeps getting better and better.

Fast forward to today, I'm writing about Angular, Angular Material and I've recently taken over the maintenance of the OSS project that was formerly known as @angular/flex-layout (now called @ngbracket/ngx-layout).

I've also published half a dozen short books (available on GumRoad/LeanPub and Amazon) on Angular Material Fundamentals (more to come later in the year).

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